Led By Lanterns – Save a Life

Date: 13th January 2017 Posted by: admin In: Families, music

Led By Lanterns are a four piece rock band from Birmingham, who have created a song in support of our campaign. Boots, Chris, Shaun & Brad have created the single inspired by our national campaign, Save a Life, Surrender your Knife, to raise awareness of the affects of knife crime and violence.

See the music video here:

Led by lanterns – Save a Life

The song is incredibly moving and features Rachel Webb who is a huge supporter of the work we are doing. She sadly lost her son to a horrific knife attack in Derby city centre last year. The band have worked with her to create their music video. When the band started researching the UK’s knife crime statistics, they were shocked at how much of a problem it really is. Every 4 minutes there is a knife attack in the UK. That means every 4 minutes someones life is changed, their families lives change.

The band met with Alfie Bradley and visited the workshop here in Oswestry to see the creation of the National Monument Against Violence and Aggression and they couldn’t believe the amount of weapons that had been handed in.

We thank the band for their tremendous support and it adds a new dimension to the National campaign, a new direction to spread the awareness of the affects on victims and their families, as the effects hit them the most.

led by lanterns


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