Yvonne Upton and Terri Timms

We meet Connor Upton’s family as they visit the sculpture

Date: 25th August 2016 Posted by: admin In: Uncategorised

Yvonne Upton and Terri Timms thoroughly support the National Monument against Violence and Aggression and the drive to reduce knife crime.
Yvonne and Terri sadly lost Connor, Yvonne’s Son and Father to Terri’s two children in a horrific knife attack in derbyshire. It was an emotional day when the two came to visit our workshop to see the sculpture for themselves. They wanted to include Connors name, on the monument, with an everlasting message which read,
“5/4/89 – 6/6/10, Forever in our hearts”
We wanted to thank Yvonne and Terri and their families for supporting our campaign and the bid to raise awareness of the effects of knife crime. The effects are real, they are painful and last a lifetime.
#SaveALife #SurrenderYourKnife

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