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June 5th, the first step

knife angel embargo

Today is the day! We wanted to remind all of our visitors here today that there is a strict Embargo on today’s events. No photography or filming to take place during the Knife Angel’s move. The one show have already arrived to start filming. We are sorry for the inconvenience but this is a huge […]

BBC One Show Film the Knife Angel

Knife Angel media embargo_2

On the 5th June, we are having to request a total ban on anyone filming and even photography on site. We have formally committed to The One Show how filming the Knife angel and we are to implement a complete blanket ban on all pictures and movies on site. Security will be present all day, […]

Crimewatch Support Campaign


BBC Crimewatch adds backing to tackle knife crime. Today, we’ve heard from the BBC Crime Watch team. We are thrilled to understand that they are throwing their weight behind the national effort to reduce the growing statistics in knife crime. It’s hoped, that Crime Watch will spearhead the installation of more knife banks in our […]