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Staffordshire Police collect hundreds of knives in amnesty

Staffordshire Knife Amnesty

We received a huge collection of knives and weapons from Staffordshire Police recently as their knife amnesty draw to a close. They had nearly 20 knife amnesty bins stationed across the region and police headquarters in the counties biggest knife amnesty to date. The force worked tirelessly throughout the month long amnesty to encourage members […]

Cambridgeshire Constabulary

cambridgeshire constabulary

This Thursday we will be collecting knifes and weapons from¬†Cambridgeshire Constabulary The force has been working exceptionally hard in order to remove as many knives and weapons off the streets of Cambridgeshire as possible. With their help, we are that bit closer to removing 100,000 knives off the streets of the UK and spreading much […]

Taunton Crown Court

taunton crown court

Our initiative to collect dangerous knives and weapons across the UK, has most recently been adopted by the Courts and their legal system. Courts conducting cases about knife crime and violence until now had no place to dispose of the confiscated weapons. This process will begin with Taunton Crown Court and with the help of […]