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Another Force has joined the Knife Angel campaign!

Sargent Karl Roberts of South Wales Police.

South Wales Police yesterday became the latest police force to join our National campaign, to remove a quarter of a million knives and weapons off the streets of the UK in the creation of The National Monument against Violence and Aggression -…. We travelled to the forces Bridgend property stores to collect a number of […]

Cheshire police

cheshire police collection and knfie angel pics (3)

Thank you to Cheshire Police for their recent collection of knives and weapons to our campaign. Alfie Bradley went to collect the collected weapons recently and met with Jane Orme, Alan Clark and Mike Clarke of Cheshire police. The campaign is forever growing stronger and we are edging that bit closer to completion thanks to […]

Hertfordshire lend their support

Hertfordshire police collection (4)

We collected a large amount of weapons and knifes from Hertfordshire Constabulary Yesterday. The force is fully supporting our campaign and we want to thank them for their co operation and support so far. Sculptor Alfie Bradley is pleased with another positive collection of knives and weapons. The weapons have been removed from Hertfordshire and can […]