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Merry Christmas

twitter xmas

We’re hanging up our tools for the week and we will be back on the 2nd January. Many thanks to all of our loyal fans who have been amazing this year! We look forward to 2015, and welcome it with open arms. January will see the beginning of our Knife angel construction, and further campaigning to get […]

We may have missed….

Amongst our many updates we may have let some of our fantastic supporters slip through the cracks, so we’ve decided to compile a post dedicated to images of our campaign to date – sorry if we missed you – your support is very much appreciated.

Amazing Amy Supports Surrender Your Knife Campaign


November 27th – Amy Hughes Marathon Runner Remember Amy Hughes? You know the one? Yeah that girl who ran 53 marathons one after the other?? Of Course you do! She’s a self-made legend and we are insanely proud to have her support. Cheers Amy! We can’t wait for our Angel to be completed.  

Only Cowards Carry

only cowards carry

So grateful when we receive the support of fellow anti-knife campaigners. Today we have been fortunate enough to gain the support of “Only Cowards Carry” who have been running since 2012, and are a registered charity. You can find out more about them here: http://www.onlycowardscarry.org Video to follow…

An Extra Set of Hands

Ron Dowling

October 15th – Ron Dowling – helping with knife angel. The centre welcomes Ron Dowling, local metalworker. He has offered his services voluntarily to assist Alfie Bradley in the initial construction of our knife angel – after all, a 20 ft statue is definitely NOT a one-man job. Alfie will have help throughout various stages […]

Oswestry Amnesty Box Revealed

Alfie and Kenny

October 13th –Oswestry knife bank revealed After our recent visit from Oswestry Police station we are now finally able to full reveal our Oswestry knife bin to the general public safely and confidently and continue to raise awareness and collect knives for our all-important Knife Angel statue – a 20 foot Icon in memory of […]

Oswestry Police Unveil Amnesty Bin Plans


October 3rd – Oswestry Police – knife bin support The Oswestry Police Force have been fantastic through recent weeks and today’s visit from Sergeant Scott Barnes and Inspector Rick Klair was been a very rewarding experience, as we now have their full support to open our amnesty bins in Oswestry and to continue ridding the […]

Paul Daniels Supports Knife Angel Project

Paul Daniels

October 1st – Paul Daniels World-renowned British Magician and wholesome family entertainer Paul Daniels is now an official backer of Surrender your knife. We have been honoured with the support of a national treasure today as Mr Daniels has stepped forward and put his face to the campaign. We are immensely privileged to have gained […]

Annual Peace Day 2014

We took Save a life, Surrender your knife to annual peace day this year!

Much needed assistance from SAMM


Support after murder and manslaughter is an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of bereaved friends and families who have lost their loved ones at the hands of violent crime. You can read more about this registered charity and the work it does to provide comfort to those who need it, by checking out their website. […]